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A_Pocket Student Design Competition

A_Pocket Student Design Competition
Aalto University and Aalto University Campus & Real Estate ACRE organized a two-phase competition for Aalto University students in autumn 2017. The objective was to find to find new ideas for the A-Wing yard in Otakaari 1 (Undergraduate Centre). The 1st phase for idea proposals took place 12.9.2017–6.10.2017. The jury selected five finalist teams out of 38 qualified entries, and the 2nd design phase for the finalists culminated with presentations and an award ceremony on 7.12.2017.

The competition seeked innovative design interventions and concepts of spatial, social, aesthetic or programmatic quality. With its sunny orientation and white marble facades, the A-wing courtyard is a hidden gem of the historical building designed by Alvar Aalto. In consideration of these architectural qualities and the central location next to the Alvarinaukio lawn, the site has potential to become a more meaningful part of the campus.

Competition jury:
Outi Turpeinen, Art Coordinator, Aalto University
Juanjo Galan-Vivas, Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture, Aalto University
Tommy Lindgren, Lecturer in Urban Design, Aalto University
Säde Palmu, AYY representative
Janne Kupiainen, Design Director, Kuudes Helsinki
Riikka Manninen, Service & Spatial Design, ACRE

Competition secretary: Heini-Emilia Saari, Aalto University



The jury awarded all five finalists:

1st prize: “Kaija”, Matias Murole & Juha-Matti Lappalainen

According to the jury, Kaija’s advantage was the open yet subtle character of its architecture: the platform-like design was seen to invite different and open-ended ways of occupying the courtyard. Inspired by traditional wooden pier structures and Alvar Aalto’s terraced landscapes, Kaija would both establish scenic seating towards the lawn of Alvarinaukio and highlight an entrance route to courtyard and the A-Wing interior spaces.

Honorable mention: “A_Fire”, Rouven Grom, Jasmine Chung & Tigran Khachatryan

Honorable mention: ”Voices of Aalto”, Andre Vicentini & Michele Sordi

Finalist prize: ”Aalto ATM”, Chengxin Hao & Xiaohan Liang

Finalist prize: “Playground”, Siiri Mikola & Susanna Virolainen

Images of finalist entries (external link)

Links to downloadable materials:

Competition jury report 1. stage, pdf 2 MB
Competition jury report 2. stage, pdf 2 MB
Competition programme, pdf 2 MB