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Building a diverse Otaniemi - Aalto University Campus & Real Estate

Aalto University campus is a meeting place for the university, its partners and people living in the area. Aalto CRE maintains, develops and rents out Aalto University facilities in Otaniemi and Töölö. We also build new concepts and shared facilities for parties outside the university, thus turning Otaniemi into a unique partnership centre and the most inspiring campus in the world.

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We rent out campus facilities, ranging from individual workstations to larger halls and inspiring multi-space offices.

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We enable efficient conferences, meetings and events in a unique setting in Otaniemi.

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Service Sector Employers Palta and the Finnish Post and Logistics Union PAU continued the collective agreement negotiations on Thursday, November 7, led by the National Conciliator. As the negotiations did not lead to a solution, the strike announced by PAU will start on Monday 11 November. The negotiations will continue on November 13. The strike […]
A small two-person startup Mehta Heino is creating a new industry standard in 3D printing in their office in startup hub A Grid on the Aalto University campus. 3D printing is rapidly becoming more and more popular, and recently we have seen the printers appear in libraries and other public spaces, such as schools. Still, […]
Kun ulkona treenaaminen ei houkuttele 🙄 Onneksi toimistoonkin voi luoda ympäri vuoden vihreitä ja valoisia tiloja, jotka kutsuvat liikkumaan kesken päivän 💪 agrid_aalto aaltouniversity #coworkingspace #työympäristö #toimitilat #workplacedesign #officedesign #interiordesign #interiorarchitecture #wellnessdesign #designforwellness #scopedesign #tilojajoissahymyilläänenemmän
Today, agrid_aalto & aaltouniversity has published articles about us (link below). We founders (Santosh & Petri) at Mehta Heino are very thankful to Leigh and Nelli for the initiative. During our journey Hefio Oy and ModeXnet from AGrid were also part of it, where we worked together to develop their product as well with 3D Printing. Read the article at — Now, MHI3D Printer is available for purchase. For Demo, prototypes are available at aaltofablab & omniasome Makerspace. If you have any suggestions / questions about us or MHI3D Printer, contact us at Have a nice day! #3dprinting #startup #otaniemi #aaltocampus #MadeinFinland #MehtaHeino #agrid_aalto #productdesign #innovation #technology #teamwork #makewithespoo #engineering #mhi3d
Ville Jokela, M.Sc (Eng.), is appointed Managing Director of Aalto University Campus and Real Estate (Aalto CRE), a wholly owned subsidiary company of Aalto University. In his role, he will be responsible for managing the daily operations of Aalto CRE, including the real estate development and asset management, planning and execution of the Aalto University […]