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Aalto CRE to continue as a Green Office


Aalto University Campus and Real Estate (Aalto CRE) has once again been granted the Green Office certificate issued by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). The Green Office certificate was first awarded to Aalto CRE in 2013. The certificate is valid for a year at a time.

Every year, the office’s sustainable practices are developed and adapted to meet each year’s specific Green Office theme. A new indicator that was added to the certificate in 2019 is the wellbeing of staff. Compliance with this indicator entails, amongst other things, providing incentives for various sports activities such as walking and commuting by bike, as well as the introduction of an oat milk option for coffee. Other Green Office indicators in Aalto CRE’s own environmental programme are reducing paper, water and electricity consumption, the and use of bikes for mobility on campus rather than cars.

The aim of the Green Office management system is to reduce the ecological footprint of offices and to promote sustainable consumer habits. WWF encourages offices involved in the Green Office system to show example in the use of eco-efficient solutions and eco-friendly operating models. Most of the solutions used in Green Offices build on their own innovations, and Aalto CRE will also develop its own environmental programme regularly. The fundamental principle of the Green Office system is that offices and their employees are voluntarily committed to doing their best for the environment, following the principle of continuous improvement.

For further information, please contact:
Tuomo Uusitalo / Aalto CRE, p. (050) 432 2384