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Corporate social responsibility (CSR)

Sustainable development & esteemed cultural heritage.

Responsible business forms the core of our operations. CSR is divided into economic, ecological and social responsibility (click the image).

We have identified 16 responsibility factors related to our business by defining relevant CSR effects in the value chain. In addition, we have enforced our understanding of the relevance of responsibility factors in different stakeholder groups by research. To all of our stakeholder groups, the most important aspect of responsibility is ethical business and to oppose the grey economy.

In relation to other agents, Aalto University Properties Ltd’s corporate responsibility has been estimated above average (stakeholder group questionnaire executed in 2014). For more information, please refer to our latest CSR report.

We work in close cooperation with the stakeholder groups in everything we do from property development to maintenance and leasing. The feedback received through annual user satisfaction questionnaire steers our operations.  We participate in various joint ventures and student projects that relate to campus development, for example to improve our services or energy efficiency.

We want to preserve the value and functionality of culturally and historically significant properties. We focus on considering environmental values in our operations. We actively develop the energy efficiency of the existing property stock. Our purpose is to develop methods to manage the environmental impact and reduce the energy consumption of the properties. Continuous improvement in energy efficiency requires learning about and monitoring the properties’ energy consumption, mapping out the opportunities for saving energy, and defining and implementing technically and economically profitable energy-saving measures.