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Financial information – Aalto University Properties Ltd.

Smart tax footprint & steady economy.

Aalto University Properties Ltd is part of the Aalto University Foundation Group. The Group includes one subsidiary, Kiinteistöosakeyhtiö Helsingin Arkadiankatu 24.

Aalto University Properties owns the majority of the premises used by Aalto University in Otaniemi, Töölö and Kirkkonummi. The company is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the properties as well as related support functions and property development.

Aalto University Properties Ltd operates in Finland and pays taxes in Finland. Tax footprint illustrates all relevant indirect and direct taxes paid by the company as well as the withholding taxes taken from employees’ salaries. Parrying grey economy is an integral part of our company values and thus a part of our corporate responsibility.

Aalto University Properties Group maintains a stable financial position. At the end of financial period 2014, the Group’s self-sufficiency rate was 50.0 per cent.


Aalto University Properties Ltd’s financial statement has been signed and published in its entirety as part of the annual report. Annual reports of Aalto University Properties Ltd are available here.

Key Figures (MEUR)Group 2014Group 2013*Group 2012*
Operating margin/percentage32,4 / 66%31,1 / 67%28,6 / 66%
Result for the financial year/percentage11,013,210,9
Total assets382,3380,6336,3
Equity ratio %50 %49 %52%

Annual reports of Aalto University Foundation are available here.

*) Please note that key figures from 2012 and 2013 do not include the information of Koy Jämeränjälki.