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Aalto Space Campus Application

Aalto Space connects the campus!

Download, use and give us some feedback! The Aalto Space app is running now.
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Finding available space for studying or group work in the Otaniemi campus area can be challenging. We want to make finding and booking space as easy as cycling. Aalto Space is a mobile app(* that helps students find and quickly reserve available study locations. It can be used to find and book several predefined spaces for study and group work for students. Aalto Space operates already in six properties: Undergraduate Center, Harald Herlin –Learning Center, A Grid, Dipoli, CS Building, Aalto Science Institute and Väre.

The app features a map of the building, helping students to also find other rooms in the building. The first version of the application is being released in August.

The mobile app also offers other opportunities for communicating with students. Aalto Space includes an emergency messaging feature that allows Aalto’s communications department to send notifications about emergency situations within the campus area.

(*you can also use the app in a web browser,


Aalto_EN_21_RGB_4Aalto Space has been designed together with the users of the spaces and with the entire Aalto community.

The aim of the Aalto Space campus app is to support the University’s digital strategy. We want to offer a seamless mobile user experience and platform that serves the whole Aalto community. Aalto Space is user-oriented, and its agile development process brings together the different actors at the campus.

By offering easy booking and presenting the entire variety of premises, we will achieve more efficient use of the available space. Space utilization rates can be AaltoSpace_mobiilisovellus_puhelinmonitored with the new applications.

We want to be a pioneer in developing space utilization models together with the university. The app is also an excellent channel for gathering feedback, engaging in dialogue with the users and sending emergency communications.



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