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Be a recycling master — take our circular economy course online


Be part of the solution and see material recycling and sorting in a new light.

Aalto University and Aalto University Properties Ltd. are organising an online course on the circular economy for students and employees of Aalto University in collaboration with L&T.

The online course is being provided as part of L&T’s campaign for generating raw material from waste, and it will help find answers to sorting problems and give ideas for smarter reuse of all generated waste. The goal is to motivate everyone to find ways to minimise the generation of waste and also to recycle and sort waste effectively. No one can afford to let materials go to waste.

Completing the interactive and practice-oriented course on the circular economy takes approximately 15 minutes. Click the link below to access the course. The access code is aaltosust2019.

All course attendees will enter a raffle to win cinema tickets in November.
Access code aaltosust2019