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Worksite news


Changes in the pedestrian route

Due to renovation in A Grid (Otakaari 5), there will be changes in the pedestrian route on the south side of the building. The section of the pedestrian route highlighted in red on the map will be unavailable from 1 August to 31 December 2018.


Changes in the pedestrian route

Earth moving work will be carried out between the Väre worksite and the Undergraduate Centre due to foundation work for the Jokeri Light Rail Line. This causes changes in pedestrian routes between the worksite and the Undergraduate Centre. The section of the pedestrian route highlighted in red will be […]


Changes to routes near Väre and Maarintie 13

Foundation work for the Raide-Jokeri line and earth-moving work will be started at the Väre and Maarintie 13 worksite, due to which the worksite fence will be relocated as shown in Figure starting from 27 April 2017.

The pedestrian and bicycle route to the north of the worksite will be […]


Noise and vibration nuisances around the Väre site

The expansion of Väre/excavation work in Maarintie 13 will start at the beginning of week 33 (15 August 2016). The expansion section will be connected to block 4 of the original new building, inside the current worksite fences.

Work stages generating noise include pile driving and boring, as well as […]


Changes to pedestrian and bicycle routes near library

Figure 1: The new fence line and pedestrian and bicycle routes in the proximity of Lehmuskuja and Otaniementie.

SRV Rakennus Oy will move the worksite area fence line according to figure 1 on 21 March 2016. The move is caused by the transfer of infrastructure in the area. This will […]


Noise and trembling near Väre site

The construction of Väre in Otaniemi was launched on 28 December 2015. The work may cause noise and trembling in the area.
Noisy work phases include excavation support with steel joints, pile driving (hammer/drill) and the drilling of geothermal heat wells.

Noisy work will be launched on Monday, 11 January 2016, and […]


Construction work on the Väre building begins – Otaniementie to be closed

Several major construction projects are underway on the Otaniemi campus. Construction on Väre will begin next week in the area between Otakaari 1 and Tietotie 1, with the area being fenced off as a construction.

Due to construction work on Väre, Otaniementie will be closed to traffic between Vuorimiehentie and […]


Otaniemi campus changing at speed – earthwork to begin

Earthwork for the New Building (Väre) will begin in the middle of the campus, next to the metro station in the area between Otakaari 1 and Tietotie 1, on 1 December. The Väre building is due for completion in spring 2018, and it will be used by the Aalto […]


Major changes to private car and public transport in Otaniemi

The construction of the New Building (Väre) of Aalto University and the modification of the campus area centre in Otaniemi will be fully launched in December 2015. Preparations have already been made throughout the summer and autumn.

The renovation and area improvement will take about two-and-a-half years, and the work […]


Ongoing road construction works in Otaniemi

There are currently several construction sites in Otaniemi due to the launch of construction work on the new campus building Väre.

In the attached map, the sites that will be active between October and December are indicated in orange.

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