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Demolition work on Vuorimiehentie 2 has begun


The demolition work and the installation of weather protection began on 4 June 2018 in the renovation project at Vuorimiehentie 2.

During the early stages, the demolition contractor Gles Kokonaispurut will act as the main operator of the project and is responsible for the construction site operations, such as fencing off the area, work safety and providing information about future operations. Ramirent Finland is responsible for the installation of the weather protection.

The construction site will be fenced off for the entire duration of the project and accessible only with an access pass issued by the foreman. Obtaining an access pass requires passing induction and occupational safety card training.

The early-phase demolition work and installation of weather protection may cause minor noise and dust pollution. There will also be more traffic at the Vuorimiehentie 2 junction and the Tekniikantie intersection due to the construction work.

Contact information of the project personnel:

From the subscriber’s side, the contact person will be Tarmo Havunta, construction manager at Aalto University Campus & Real Estate, tel. +358 40 533 7783.

The contact persons for the construction consultant will be project manager Timo Ryyppö, tel. +35850 350 2443, and construction work supervisor Eero Ahponen from Rakennuttajatoimisto Allianssi, tel. +358 50 331 8076.

The administrator of the building systems is Petri Mustonen, HVAC work supervisor, tel. +358 50 308 5995, and the supervisor of electrical work is Sampo Eerola from Rakennuttajatoimisto Allianssi, tel. +358 40 089 5904.