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Fat Lizard Brewing Company to move its production facilities to Otaniemi


Established in 2013, Fat Lizard Brewing Company Oy is the first microbrewery in Espoo with commercial beer production. Having outgrown their production capacity at their present location on the Kivenlahti industrial estate, the brewery found a new home in Otaniemi, Espoo. Last year, the small brewery produced approximately 30,000 litres of beer, which has repeatedly sold out.

Our brewery specialises in beers that have a brisk dose of hops and are easy to drink. Our hand-crafted beers are among the best in Finland and, for example, Fat Lizard Track Day IPA won the American-type Pale Ale category in Finland’s Best Beer competition on 17 August 2016. Fat Lizard beers are also imbibed with the intention of becoming intoxicated,” says Eero Kukko, the man in charge of sales and marketing at the brewery.

The founders of the brewery also have plans regarding the entire campus area and development of its service offering. “We want to be active members of the Otaniemi community and seek to participate in various events in Otaniemi as far as possible. We will also open a shop in connection with the brewery, should legislation one day permit that. When our production expands, we will also make our beer available in grocery stores. Consequently, beers brewed in Otaniemi will from July onwards be available in well-stocked grocery stores in the capital region.”

Now the brewery is just waiting for finishing touches and will start operating in Otaniemi still during this month.

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