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Finnish Post and Logistics Union strike will cause problems in mail delivery


Service Sector Employers Palta and the Finnish Post and Logistics Union PAU continued the collective agreement negotiations on Thursday, November 7, led by the National Conciliator. As the negotiations did not lead to a solution, the strike announced by PAU will start on Monday 11 November. The negotiations will continue on November 13.

The strike will begin on Monday, 11 November at 6:00 and continue until midnight on Sunday, 24 November. The strike concerns some of Posti’s services and will hinder the delivery of mail. The estimates regarding the effects will be clarified.

Current estimate of the effect of PAU strike

Based on the strike announcement made by PAU, Posti estimates that the delivery of printed materials (letters, magazines, advertisements) will be interrupted. In some cases, the delays could last for weeks. Parcel deliveries could also be delayed by several days. An XXS-size parcel will be delivered via Posti’s letter process, so these deliveries may be delayed by weeks.

The strike will impact the delivery and distribution of internal mail as well, so it is best to deliver any urgent internal mail in person.

Early-morning newspaper deliveries and Posti service points will work as normal. The industrial action will not affect Posti’s warehousing services, and we are not expecting it to cause notable delays in freight services.

The potential effects of the strike will be communicated on Posti’s website. You can find the notifications at from Monday, 11 November onwards. They will be published daily at around 12:00 and 18:00.

UPS pick-ups and deliveries operate normally

During the strike, UPS will provide the normal service and the impact of the strike on UPS’s operation will be very limited. Delays may occur in Finland in areas where Posti normally retrieves UPS packages or where Posti normally delivers packages as a UPS subcontractor. In addition to Posti, UPS has several different subcontractors in Finland and the strike is in no way affected by the collection and distribution of these regional subcontractors.

Text: Posti and UPS