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Investment Decision Made on a New Building in Otaniemi


Aalto University Properties Ltd’s general meeting has on the 11th of September 2014 made an investment decision on a New Building in Otaniemi. The New Building will follow the plan called “Väre” (ripple) by Verstas Architects who won the Campus 2015 open international architectural competition arranged previously. The total value of the investment is about 110 million euros, and the objective is for the building to be completed by the beginning of year 2017. The total area of the property is ca. 34,000 m2 with a leasable area of ca. 27 000 m2, about 20% of which will be occupied by business premises. These business premises will house grocery stores, restaurant services and other local services. The premises will also include the main entrance of the future metro station. The building will be mainly used by the Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture.

This construction project will significantly transform the look of the Otaniemi centre. It will introduce two new market square areas, and private car routes will be removed from the core campus area. In addition, the campus plan includes transportation solutions that support the new light traffic objectives, such as the Jokeri-Rail line that will make cross-traffic easier in the metropolitan area.

Otaniemi 2030 – architectural illustration (click to enlarge the image)

Energy efficiency is considered in the design of the building. The property will use renewable sources of energy, such as geothermal energy and solar power.

The New Building is part of the Aalto University Properties’ Otaniemi investment programme that will be completed at the end of this decade. From here on, the total value of the programme is 300 million euros, encompassing renovations of existing buildings in addition to the New Building.

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