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Jokeri Light Rail laying tracks down on Maarintie


Image: Jokeri Light Rail

The installation of light rail tracks will begin on Maarintie in Otaniemi.

Rails for the Jokeri Light Rail will be installed in Otaniemi in May. The first section of the line in Otaniemi will be installed on Maarintie. After the installation of the track, other works will continue on the streets, such as the construction of the track surface structures and other sections of the street.

The busiest construction period for track construction is in the summer 2021.

The rails are transported to the site in sections of about 18 meters. Transporting and installing the rails requires space, which can cause temporary disruption to traffic. Installation work may also be performed at night due to less traffic and safety reasons. Residents of the surrounding area are always informed about possible night work separately.

With these prospects, the start of track work at the Korkeakoulunaukio square and Ainonaukio square will begin in late summer 2020 at the earliest.

Pedestrians and cyclists
The walking and cycling routes will remain on Maarintie throughout the construction, but the routes on the east side of the street will vary according to the work involved.

More information
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