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Konemiehentie will be closed to vehicles in mid-August


As the construction of Jokeri Light Rail progresses, a part of the Konemiehentie parking lot will be converted into a construction site and some of the parking spaces will be closed. 

Konemiehentie will be closed to vehicles in mid-August. Part of the Konemiehentie car park will be converted into a construction site and parking spaces will be closed. From Maarintie, the car park is accessible via a temporary junction, resulting in the removal of estimated 8 parking spaces.

At Konemiehentie, the pedestrian and cycling routes will remain in use during construction. As work progresses, the pedestrian and cycling routes will run on either side of Konemiehentie, depending on the stages of construction.

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Removed parking spots in red near Maarintie and Konemiehentie. Image: Jokeri Light Rail

Intermittent lane changes at Tietotie 
Preparations for the roadwork will begin after mid-July at Tietotie. Municipal engineering will be renewed on the Tietotie from August onwards. Construction work will begin on the east side of Tietotie in August with water and cable pipelines and will continue on the west side of the street as work progresses.

Changes in the pedestrian and cycling routes of Maarinrannantie in August
Preparatory work on the Maarinrannatie road will begin in August. At the south side of Maarinrannantie, the  walking and cycling routes are provisionally closed in mid-August and Maarinrannantie city bike station will be moved Vaisalantie side of the parking lot to the edge of the area.

More information on the Jokeri Light Rail website