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Campus stories

Cultural heritage & innovative ideas.

Otaniemi area started to develop in 1949 when the Finnish government bought some land there by the initiative of the Helsinki University of Technology (TKK). In that same year, Alvar Aalto’s plan won related architectural competition, according to which appointed premises for the Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT), TKK, and staff and student housing were designed.

Teekkarikylä, the technology student’s village, was the first to be built, and it also served as accommodation in the 1952 Olympic Games (and in 2005 World Championships in track and field). The TKK campus area was mostly built during the 1960s and 1970s. Buildings display the functional design style where traditional decorative themes have been dismissed. External signs of functionalism include ribbon windows and flat roofs. Brick is the main building material in the area. Architects have based their solutions on functionality and purpose.

The regional plan was made rather spacious, allowing additional buildings, and campus development is now moving on to compaction. Our vision of the future is to mix both start-ups and larger companies into shared blocks that form the core of Otaniemi. Design Factory and Startup Sauna take place in this increasingly dense core, and the Meritekniikka and Puumies blocks are being developed into more compact and urban units.

Our ambition is to create an internationally notable growth platform for an inventive culture, sustainable development, and wellbeing. Cultural history and nature reserves are important features of Otaniemi. Otaniemi is a place of the future locally, nationally and internationally – would you like to be part of leading-edge development?

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