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Otaniemi as an operational environment

Central location & tight cooperation.

In the near future, Otaniemi will develop into a small city that combines various functions and user groups. The growth and transformation of Otaniemi are based on user-oriented operations and cooperation between the university, officials, politicians, and companies. Our objective is a versatile and interactive environment for research, arts, and free-time services.

Otaniemi is an area of great interest. It is part of the development area that involves impressive projects, such as the westbound extension of the Helsinki metro line and the related Otaniemi metro station as well as the covering of Ringway I from Otaniemi to Tapiola. Also the upcoming Jokeri Light Rail creates new options for public transport. Otaniemi’s location servers national and international companies well, and makes working in Otaniemi efficient.

The future Otaniemi combines work, living, and services in a unique, clean and natural environment. New functional solutions and creative use of spaces by different user groups are being tested in the area. The goal of the campus development is to combine valuable history and new kind of planning.