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Building a multiform Otaniemi - Aalto University Campus & Real Estate

Aalto University campus is a meeting place for the university, its partners and people living in the area Aalto CRE maintains, develops and rents out Aalto University facilities in Otaniemi and Töölö. We also build new concepts and shared facilities for parties outside the university, thus turning Otaniemi into a unique partnership centre and the most inspiring campus in the world.

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We rent out campus facilities, ranging from individual workstations to larger halls and inspiring multi-space offices.
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We enable efficient conferences, meetings and events in a unique setting in Otaniemi and Töölö.

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The demolition work and the installation of weather protection began on 4 June 2018 in the renovation project at Vuorimiehentie 2. During the early stages, the demolition contractor Gles Kokonaispurut will act as the main operator of the project and is responsible for the construction site operations, such as fencing off the area, work safety […]
The new beating heart of the campus – shopping center A Bloc – will open on August 30th 2018 in connection with the Aalto University metro station. With its restaurants and cafés, A Bloc is the natural meeting place of Aalto University Campus and the whole Otaniemi. A Bloc also houses Clas Ohlson, Alko, a […]
The official video of the Mini Ramp World Championships is out now! Check link in the bio @aaltoskate 🔥 #aaltoskate #makeaaltoskateagain #minimm18 #otaniemi #aaltoyliopisto #aaltouniversity #aaltocampus #Repost @aaltoskate with @get_repost ・・・ Virallinen MM-kisavideo on julkaistu ja linkki siihen löytyy biosta!🔥😎 📷:@arttuheikkine Music by SLEAZER
A day at the office #otaniemi #aaltocampus #dipoli #aaltouniversity #aaltoyliopisto #aalto
❗️ #abloc is so close to completion now! #aaltocampus (they’re working on the doorway to A Bloc from the #aaltouniversity metro station) 🤩#cantwait #otaniemi
Our amazing @aaltoskate will host the first (official) Mini Ramp World Championships at Ossinlampi skate ramp this Saturday 9 June starting at 2 pm. Come and get yourself the title you deserve, or just come and enjoy the awesome tricks!🔥#aaltouniversity #aaltocampus #Repost @aaltoskate with @get_repost ・・・ Nähdäänkö @dickhead_tony fs flippeineen Bissepuuhastelussa 2018? 🔥 Mysteeri selviää 9.6. minirampin MM-kisoissa! #aaltoskate #makeaaltoskateagain #minimm18 #otaniemi
Arctic15 is over, but there's more to come - meet us and house startups at the @agrid_aalto Trek open house Fri June 8th from 9 to 12! Welcome! #arctic15 #trek #aaltoagrid #aaltouniversity #startups #openhouse #startuplife #otaniemi #aaltocampus
ACRE is giving away redundant furniture not suitable for future university use. ACRE recycling Days are intended for all Aalto’s students and staff. ACRE works according to the principles of sustainable development. After the recycling days remaining items will be recycled and the reuse percentage of the various materials is over 95%. Further questions to […]