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Aalto University Metro Centre

Sustainability & diverse encounters.

In 2018, Otaniemi will house the new Aalto University Metro Centre that will become the entrance hall and living room of the whole area. Metro Centre is a meeting point that combines wellbeing, services, cultures and restaurants with the university’s art activities, research and science.

It is located right by the Aalto University metro station. The metro is estimated to carry 12,000 passengers daily. Otaniemi clientele mainly consists of young, active and innovative people. This multicultural area to live and work in hosts an international spectrum of lifestyles.

In the Metro Centre, it is easy and effortless to cooperate with Aalto University and commercial parties, and we will make the testing and development of new operational concepts as easy as possible.

The theme of the Metro Centre is integrated sustainability. It shows in how the centre is being developed and operated since the beginning, in terms of ecological, social, cultural and economic responsibility.

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“Otaniemen sydän” (Isohanni, Kiuru)