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Offices and other premises

Rich in ideas & innovative.

We lease versatile premises in Otaniemi and Töölö, in the core of Aalto University campuses. The cross-discipline atmosphere of Aalto University campus area inspires, provides new ideas and creates spaces for daily interaction. Our working environment is highly competitive and innovative.

Aalto University operates among international business networks and offers its partners advanced environments and support organisations for research, development and innovation. In Otaniemi, we are creating an innovation hub where arts, economy, and technology meet to provide additional value for the operators in the area. Gain from this additional value by reserving your place side by side with an internet of things campus, in the root of wellbeing technology, and in the centre of new functional concepts.

We regard listening to the needs of companies, communities and people and the expectations of existing and potential users of the area highly important. We want to create a multicultural meeting place where all types of people can work, study, live and participate in creating the spirit of the community.

If you need short-term space for meetings, events, seminars or parties, have a look at the inventive and internationally popular spatial solutions of Aalto Design Factory and Urban Mill! Aalto University sales services also provide impressive design alternatives at facilityrental.

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