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Recycling days in Töölö 11.-12.3.


ACRE is giving away redundant furniture not suitable for future university use. ACRE recycling Days are intended for all Aalto’s students and staff. ACRE works according to the principles of sustainable development. After the recycling days remaining items will be recycled and the reuse percentage of the various materials is over 95%.

Töölö recycling days 11.-12.3.2019, between 9-18 are held in Töölö main building (Runeberginkatu 14-16), Arkadia building (Lapuankatu 2) and Chydenia (Runeberginkatu 22-24). 

In addition to furniture, free items include kitchenware, IT goods (screens, mice, keyboards etc.), books and office items.

The rules for the recycling

• These recycling days are intended for all Aalto University students and staff.
•  You should bring along your student card or staff ID card for identification purposes.
•  You cannot reserve any furniture in advance.
•  The furniture for recycling will be collected in advance. You may not remove anything from the spaces in advance without permission.
•  On the recycling days you are expected to take the furniture away with you immediately. Items cannot be left for transportation on a later date.
•  The furniture is given over ’as is’ and there are no guarantees or possibility for returning it.
•   All the items are intended only for personal use (ie. Not for resale or redistribution).

More information:
Jukka-Pekka Salmisto
Head of Property and Services
Aalto University Campus & Real Estate