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The Aalto community once again participates in Earth Hour


 WWF’s Earth Hour is the world’s largest climate happening. In the spirit of the event, Aalto University Campus & Real Estate, Aalto University and Aalto University Student Union encourage everyone to turn off the lights for an hour on Saturday 28 March. 

Earth Hour, the World Wildlife Fund’s annual global climate event, is a great opportunity to focus on climate action. People around the world turn off their lights on Saturday 28 March for an hour to show that the future of our planet is vitally important to us. This year, the WWF’s Earth Hour will be celebrated in Finland for the twelfth time. Aalto University Campus & Real Estate (Aalto CRE), Aalto University and Aalto University Student Union (AYY) are participating in the event.

By participating in Earth Hour, everyone can do a good deed for nature and encourage climate-conscious action. Exceptionally, when the campus is almost completely closed due to the coronavirus epidemic, we are organising a Sustainable Campus event as a webinar during the week of Earth Hour. AYY is also participating by encouraging its residents to turn off the lights during Earth Hour.

With the Sustainable Campus event, we want to highlight the sustainability measures we have taken on campus. The aim is to reduce environmental pollution, for example by reducing the energy consumption of campus properties and raising awareness of the importance of a more sustainable future. We are also introducing new mobile phone applications created in the Aalto University ecosystem to support sustainable lifestyles.

Small actions can play an important role in bringing about change. Change requires continued cooperation throughout the community, and we will continue to implement energy efficiency measures throughout 2020.

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