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User satisfaction again at good level


In September–October 2014, Aalto University Properties Ltd conducted the annual user satisfaction survey among Aalto University staff and students.  According to the survey, the satisfaction of the users of university facilities has risen from last year with overall satisfaction at 3.58 on average (2013=3.54). In particular, students studying in Otaniemi were happy with the facilities. Correspondingly, students in Otaniemi were the most satisfied with their own campus. The overall number of respondents was at the same level as last year.

According to the respondents, the most significant strengths of the facilities included tidiness and the suitability of workstations and research facilities to their purpose. Compared to last year, most positive development has taken place with regard to research facilities. Maintenance and cleanliness of outside areas was felt to be excellent especially in Töölö.

The survey section directed at the staff also studied various workstation solutions. The suitability of the personal workstation was felt to be good or excellent although there is still work to be done in inside air issues. Half of the staff in Otaniemi felt that various pair or group work facilities were the best for their own work – this was justified especially by successful internal communications and easier information flow. Over half of all teaching and research staff felt that multi-use solutions were a better workstation solution than their own room. In addition, the younger the respondent, the better solution team rooms or various open-plan or multi-use solutions were felt to be. Informal meeting places and quiet spaces supporting concentration were also felt to be important to working and learning.

The themed sections of this year’s survey discussed moving in the Otaniemi campus and sustainable development solutions. The majority of respondents continue to consider energy efficiency the most important factor for sustainable development. Arrival to the campus and moving there was felt to be easy; the areas with most to develop with regard to moving were parking arrangements for bicycles and cars.

Questions related to the Aalto University Properties staff’s activities were also asked from individuals responsible for houses and facilities.  The persons responsible for houses and facilities felt that the service attitude of Aalto University Properties’ contact persons and their reachability were excellent. Compared with last year, there has been increase in satisfaction with regard to drawing up of repair and renovation plans. People are also happy with the service attitude and the reachability of the maintenance staff.The respondents felt that communications about alteration and repair work could be more active and there is still work to be done also in fault repairs.

We are satisfied with the response rate of the survey and we will react to the feedback we have received. For example, with regard to alteration work inside properties, we are preparing new kinds of movable worksite bulletin boards and we will continue to intensify our cooperation with the maintenance staff also with regard to communicating also smaller repair work,” says Kari Kontturi, the Managing Director of Aalto University Properties Ltd.

For further information, please contact Satu Kankaala, Development Manager, Environment and Sustainability


The annual user satisfaction survey was carried out as an Internet survey in autumn 2014. In all 871 users of the facilities answered the survey. The survey was commissioned by the Aalto University Properties Ltd and conducted by KTI Kiinteistötieto Oy.